Aniseed Floral Water

This product has a liquorices flavor which makes them ideal for flavoring cakes and cookies. This is extracted from the method of steam distillation of Illicium Verum found in Australia. After gently crushing the aniseed seeds this is distilled which forms aniseed floral water. It is clear to slightly hazy in appearance with an aniseed fragrance. 

Since aniseed is native to the Mediterranean, you’ll find it used in a number of Greek and Turkish dishes, but its popularity has certainly spread too many other countries and the plant proliferates in the wild in North America.

Aniseed floral water is simply called as Anise and botanically known as IIlicium Verum. Extracted from Steam Distillation after tender crushing of Aniseeds, Anise floral Water is produced. It is free from pesticides or any artificial flavor thus delivering sweet, delicate, black licorice like aroma and is one of the unique flavoring agents of confectionary industry. Aniseed floral water easily blends with floral oils, woody oils, seeds oils and herb oils. With clear color and slight hazy appearance, Aniseed floral oil gives natural Aniseeds fragrance.

This plant is basically a flowering plant. Aniseed is also known as anise. The American black licorice candy has flavoring done with this plant. The aniseed oil is available in whole of USA today. Greeks usually use this oil as the best medicine for digestive tracts. It has highly poised effects on the human body. Aroma therapists use this oil very often. 

Aniseed is available in both whole as also ground forms and can be used to add flavor to a number of food items. Aniseed as an ingredient is used in cakes and confectionary, soft drinks and alcohol. Aniseed possesses properties that are stimulating, diuretic, expectorant, carminative, laxative, anti-spasmodic, and diaphoretic. The benefits of aniseed are therefore wide ranging.

Floral waters are produced during the extraction of essential oils. Floral waters in amber glass to prevent deterioration through the effects of sunlight and they are fitted with an atomizer Spray for ease of application.

All our floral waters are very fresh as we enjoy a very fast turnover, nothing stays around for very long and we obtain our floral water directly from the distillers. These waters are extremely versatile. 

Throughout history, people have used aniseed to treat a variety of ailments. The greenish seeds of the Pimpinella animus were a highly-prized commodity in ancient Greece and Rome, and the seeds were so valuable in the East that they were often used to pay taxes. Today, the seeds continue to help people around the world with ailments ranging from digestive issues to low libido.

Benefit & Uses:  It is aromatherapy quality, additive free, undiluted therapeutic Essential Oil. The pure extract can be used for adding flavor to candies, specialty dishes, beverages, baked goods and desserts. Its distinctive taste like black liquorices also makes it work great in cakes & cookies, vegetable dishes and in lamb & beef stews.

It is undiluted therapeutic oil which can be used to prepare drugs and medicines. The pure extract can be used for adding flavor to candies, specialty dishes, beverages, baked goods and desserts. 

Aniseed floral water is renowned for its aromatic flavor and fragrances therefore its extracts are widely used in confectionaries for adding taste in candies, beverages, desserts and baked goods.

It is also used as fragrance component in soaps, perfumes, detergents, toothpastes, mouthwashes etc. Apart from consuming, Aniseed floral water is a good therapeutic medicine.

It is undiluted essential oil and is widely used in preparation of drugs and medicines. It is also used as antiseptic for cuts and wounds and helps in control of lice and itch mites.

Besides this, Aniseed floral water acts as expectorant, antispasmodic, stimulant and also helps in control of gastrointestinal troubles.

The seeds have also been used to reduce flatulence, cure sleeplessness, aid nursing mothers with the production of milk and to stimulate appetite. Aniseed can also improve digestion, alleviate cramps and reduce nausea.

Aniseed has aphrodisiac properties that can increase libido. Drinking one glass of water infused with the crushed seeds each night can increase one's sex drive.


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