Chamomile German Hydrosol

Chamomile German Hydrosol, also known as Floral Water / Distillates, is distilled from the flowers of Matricaria recutita, and has a, dry, floral fragrance very similar to the actual flowering plant.  It is one of the gentlest, anti-inflammatory, of all the hydrosols.  So gentle that it is one of only three hydrosols that Aroma therapists will recommend for use on the eyes.  

Well known for its healing, soothing, effect on skin. Chamomile German Hydrosol is the absolute best choice for reactive and problem skin conditions, especially where there is inflammation and irritation.  Great for sensitive, and acetic, skin types, especially inflamed acne. 

In Aromatherapy Chamomile German Hydrosol has many uses but, is most commonly used in skin care geared toward problem skin.  It is used clinically, in poultices, to treat varicose, and thread, veins.  Chamomile German Hydrosol will have a definite softening effect when applied to skin. 

It is not commonly known that German Chamomile hydrosol is actually quite rare, because most produce cohobate the distillate water to recover all of the essential oil due to its high value. Although Quintessence have sold this hydrosol for many years, its availability has been a constant challenge for us, and some years there was no fresh material available at all-anywhere.

Organic German Chamomile Hydrosol is calming and is both safe and recommended for use in baby care and childcare formulations. It’s remarkable calming properties makes it a wonderful addition to sprays for baby's room, baby's bathwater and for use to wipe after diaper changes. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and can be used as a soothing wetting agent for natural baby wipes. It can also be blended with one of our lavender hydrosols for a synergistic anti-inflammatory and calming blend.

Benefit & Uses: Useasa refreshing spits as desired and during the hydration stages of your routine. Used may also be on neck and body. This hydrosol may be used as a substitute for distilled water for formulation. It has can be used in conjunction with creams, lotions and in dry or wet clay recipes. It is can also be used mixed with water in a facial team.

Chamomile German hydrosol is excellent in use for various skin types. It cleanses and fortifies all types of skins. It is used as a skin tone and also as cooling body mist. It is also used in bath and as fragrant linen spray for sops and creams. Chamomile German hydrosol is organic and possesses strong anti- inflammatory properties. It is highly recommended for red skin, acne prone skin and helps in easing of insect bite and sun burns including rashes, itching, eczema and psoriasis.

Natural Chamomile German hydrosol is also used in the treatment of swollen veins, varicose, thread and spider veins, hemorrhoids etc. The aroma of Organic German Chamomile Hydrosol is herbaceous and is somewhat reminiscent to the aroma of chamomile tea. Organic German Chamomile Hydrosol is strongly anti-inflammatory and sedative and is a remarkable hydrosol for its use both in emotional and skin care applications.

In skin care, Organic German Chamomile is a strong anti-inflammatory. It is helpful for oily or acne prone skin. It eases the sting of insect bites and sunburn. Suzanne Catty recommends its use for "red skin conditions" including rashes, burns, sunburns, itching, some eczema and psoriasis, swollen veins, hemorrhoids, varicose, thread and spider veins. It is also can help ease muscular aches and arthritic conditions.

Emotionaly, Organic German Chamomile Hydrosol is a nervine and possesses sedative properties. It calms the nerves and is an ideal hydrosol for inclusion in formulation for depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia. it makes an excellent room mist and linen spray for providing calming and relaxation during stressful days and at bedtime.   


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