Lemon Hydrosol (Floral water)

The aroma of Lemon balm hydrosol is light with a floral note, with an unusual edge to its scent like cooked artichokes.  It tastes lemony and spicy. Delightful, Susanne Catty states that the hydrosol is calming to the body but without being overly sedative. She also suggests using with children and adults with ADHD using 30 ml in 1 liter of water; consume throughout the day.  For adults, double the dosage. 

A lemon 'hydrosol' isn't a true hydrosol. Because lemon essential oil is not made from steam distillation, but from pressing the rinds, it is only possible to make a lemon 'hydrosol' with evaporated and condensed organic lemon juice. It is a lovely, mild, and skin-friendly liquid with a large concentration of aromatic molecules. 

Hydrosols represent the true synergy of herbalist and aromatherapy.  They are the pure natural water that is produced during the distillation process.  Plants or flowers are put into a distillation tank and subjected to either boiling water and/or steam.  The steam softens the scent cells and the essential oil is released as a vapor.  The vapor mixes with the steam and is only separated again as the steam cools in the condensing tank.  As it cools, the essential oil molecules separate from the steam and float to the surface leaving two layers.  The top is the essential oil and the bottom is the hydrosol.

It is important to note that these hydrosols are not waters with essential oils added to them. They are a natural unadulterated product of distillation.  These natural hydrosols contain micro drops of the essential oil as evidenced by their scent and also have plant components that give the hydrosols their herbal or floral therapy.

Hydrosols have a multitude of uses that have yet to be discovered.  They are wonderful misters to calm burnt skin, rehydrate, and clean the air but they can also be used for hygiene, travel, beverages, laundry, beauty and skin care.  I have a collection on my bathroom sink. Rosemary for my scalp and hair raised geranium as my face toner and lavender for redness. 

Lemon hydrosol is not made by steam distillation. This is because the essential oils of lemon are in the rind and released 'simply' by pressing the rind. The hydrosol is made with 'evaporated and condensed organic lemon juice that has a large concentration of the aromatic molecules in the water'. It is a skin-friendly and relatively mild liquid that smells positively appetizing.

Lemon Hydrosol or lemon floral water is obtained from hydro distillation of lemons. Botanical name of lemon hydrosol is Melissa officinalis, while it is commonly known as Cedro or Lemon Floral water. Lemon tree is small evergreen tree which bears small yellow fruit known as lemon which is enormously popular for its citric and sour juicy taste. Yellow colored lemon floral water has rich, fresh and sweet aroma. It has viscosity similar to water and is easily soluble in water. Main constituents of Lemon hydrosol are Limonene and Citral. Lemon hydrosol is commonly used with sweeteners and is grafted with more vigorous rootstocks. It easily blends with cypress, jasmine, lavender, neroli, ylang-ylang, grapefruit etc.

Benefit & Uses:Organic lemon hydrosol is widely used in the treatment of several skin problems like greasy skin, acne prone skin, cellulites, varicose veins etc. It is also helpful in the treatment of different scalp related diseases.

Lemon hydrosol is a kind of mild tonic which has skin cleansing properties and also cures blood circulation related problems. For this, lemon floral water is used in the making of various skin creams, lotion, cleansing creams, face washes etc. It serves as a good soothing and refreshing facial spray.


Lemon hydrosol is vastly used in aroma therapy and hence it helps in energizing, uplifting and cheering of human mood.


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