Rose Geranium Water

Rose Geranium Floral Water has excellent qualities to restore skin balance and is suitable for all skin types. It helps to keep the skin supple and is helpful for problematic conditions such as sluggish, congested and oily skin.
Rose Geranium has a sweet floral aroma. It can be used as an air freshener around the house and workplace as it helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, lifts the spirits and brings balance and harmony.

The geranium is grown and harvested on farm. Then distill the herbs into this beautiful floral water. It is fantastic as a skin toner, facial mist, room or linen spray. Rose Geranium water is wonderful in lotions, soaps, sprays as well as many other wonderful applications.

Ideal for combination skin Geranium Water Geranium water is made during the production of Egyptian Essential Oil. It has balancing act on the skin, making it ideal for combination and teenage skins.

Pure plant hydrosols are some of natural’s best antioxidants. They play an important role in protecting the skin from free radicals and pollution. Saturating the skin daily with these precious waters restores pH balance, refreshes and tones skin tissue, maintaining soft and smooth skin while significantly increasing vitality and hydration to all skin conditions.

Geranium Hydrosol has a sweet-smelling, rose-like fragrance and is favorite skin-care water for all skin types due to its cooling and balancing properties. This products appealing fragrance means it works well as a body, room or linen spray. It makes a good skin toner, helps to remove traces of cleanser and mea-up without drying the skin. Use it to transform existing face and body products by adding a little hydrosol to lotions, cleansers, face masks, etc. Its humectants (moisture attracting) properties make it effective when used as a daily compress over several weeks to soften the dry skin on elbows, knees and heels. Being both cooling and anti-inflammatory, geranium hydrosol has been used effectively as a topical skin treatment for heat producing conditions, such as bites, rashes and the effects of sun exposure.

Benefit & Uses: Geranium floral water has a balancing act on the hormones, making it ideal for use on skin which is affected by hormonal conditions. Geranium water will help to dry oily patches of the skin and encourage dry patches to improve normal oil secretion of the skin. 

Geranium water is ideal for skin of all ages. Use Geranium with Lavender, perfectly complementing one another, the Geranium balancing the skin whilst the Lavender gently soothes.

For all skin conditions especially dry/oily combination and teen, features a soft and delicate rosy-leaf fragrance, Gentle and slightly astringent, restoring balance to teen and/or combination skin, Relaxes facial muscles, promotes cell repair, maintains soft and smooth skin and significantly increases hydration, Artisan-distilled in copper using low temperature methods; sourced from small certified organic farms.

Geranium hydrosol makes a very good sanitizer for cuts and grazes, as it is haemostatic (helps to slow down blood flow) and can help with the itchiness associated with dry, healing cuts. She goes on to say that used as a sprits or beverage it can help with menopausal flushes because of its balancing effect on heat. It can even be used in baking sweets to enliven a delicious martini.

Rose hydro late called Rose Water is a by-product of rose oil distillation and contains the water-soluble constituents of the flower that did not distill into the rose oil. Pure rose floral water is an excellent cosmetic ingredient. Added to any beauty product it has soothing, hydrating, mildly astringent and disinfectant properties. Rose hydro late is one of the key ingredients in our rose facial line and she a butter line. It contains anti allergic substances and is especially well suited for allergy prone skin.


It is also said to be good for menopausal women as it helps to balance hormonal ups and downs as well as hot flushes.


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