Rose Otto Hydrosol

Rose water is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume. It is used to flavor food, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations, and for religious purposes throughout Europe and Asia. Rose syrup is made from rose water, with sugar added.

Hydrosols are extremely moisturizing and great for mature skin and preventing wrinkles. Rose makes a practical and suitable body splash, anti-anxiety spray, deodorant, and room freshener. Suitable for food and cosmetic use, Rose Otto Hydrosol is classic water used in the highest skin care products, Persian cooking, and baked goods, and is an aphrodisiac dating back thousands of years.

Rose Otto Hydrosol is specially formulated with Aloe Vera juice to give the skin maximum hydration. It contains all the nutrients from Rose Otto extract and can be used directly on the skin as a calming toner or spritz to rejuvenate skin in dry conditions.

Rose Hydrosols is one of all-time best and most traditional facial beauty products. It is known to treat acne and skin irritation, nourish and hydrate, maintain skin pH balance and stimulate regeneration processes, anti-viral, antiseptic and disinfectant properties, moisturize the body after bath, and make excellent hair mask. Rose water also has a beautiful aroma that is known to help emotional strength, relax the human body, improve love life, empower the spirit, soothe the mind, and remove stress.

Rose Otto Hydrosol highly recommended as a hormone balancer for all ages. It has an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women and excellent as part of a program combining essential oils, herbs, and other naturopathic treatments. Combats PMS, cramps, and moodiness by virtue of its balancing effects on the endocrine system.

Rose Otto water adds and retains moisture and is suitable for normal to dry, mature, sensitive, and devitalized skin.  It is cooling and very mildly astringent, use it in masks, steams, and compresses or add it to any beauty product for its effects, an anti-wrinkle treatment and fragrance. Try it in bath for relaxation and rejuvenation. Its moisture-retaining nature makes it a good choice for the traveler, and its mild antiseptic and cooling properties make it useful for many first-aid applications. Rose has an affinity with the heart and the emotional spheres of the mind, body, and spirit, good to promote balance and aids emotional processing.

Benefit & Uses: Coated with clean cotton, or sprayed on the body or face for toner or moisture water. Or you can add into some of the skincare bases, such as Aloe Vera gel, cream, body lotion, eye cream, facial cleanser, bath liquid, shampoo, hair conditioner and others water base products.

Rose Otto is considered the most therapeutic of the rose oils in fact; it is thought to be the essential oil with the 'highest vibes' in aromatherapy. It used in depression, sedative, anxiety, calming, laxative, aphrodisiac, nervous tension, increases semen count, cooling, liver, stomach, blood purifier, spiritual love, unites the physical with the spiritual.

Rose water has a very distinctive flavor and is used heavily in Persian and Middle East cuisine especially in sweets such as nougat, raahat and baklava. For example, rose water is used to give some types of Turkish delight their distinctive flavors. Beside its usage in food, it is also used as a perfume, especially in religious ceremonies (Hindu, Muslim and Zoroastrian).

Rose water is a usual component of perfume. A rose water ointment is occasionally used as an emollient, and rose water is sometimes used in cosmetics such as cold creams. Rose water is used in some Hindu rituals as well. Rose water also figures in Christianity, particularly in the Eastern Orthodox Church.


In India, rose water is used as eye drops to clear them. Some people in India also use rose water as spray applied directly to the face for natural fragrance and moisturizer, especially during winters. It is also used in Indian sweets and other food preparations (particularly gulab jamun, named from the Persian word for rose water). Rose water is often sprinkled in Indian weddings to welcome guests.


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