Saffron or kesar or Zaferan Floral Water

Saffron/Kesar/Zafran hydrosol is offered by us is rare and precious water having rich, warm as well as exotic aroma. It has symbol of wealth and prosperity in Hindu religion.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and it tastes and smells rich, resinous, sensuous and decadent. It can also be described as hay-like and sweet. Saffron is an ancient herb from central Asia with a long history of use by a variety of cultures. The color of the flower, stamens and pistils is a feast for the eyes with the delicate purple of the flowers, rich yellow of the stamens, and the deep red stigmas with long stalks. It is the stigma and the style or stalk that is harvested and dried for use as a cooking spice as well as a colorant. Saffron contains more than 150 aromatic chemicals as well as a large number of coloring compounds like arytenoids. The chemical that gives it the characteristic odor is safranal a volatile compound that is produced when saffron is dried after it is harvested. 

Saffron/Kesar/Zafran the rich, spicy, earthy smell of saffron absolute and am working on a blend featuring saffron with various combinations of orange flower absolute, petit grain, jasmine sambac, and tarragon. Vetiver, musk and hay in the base. 

Saffron Water has Exporter, Importer, and Supplier in India. The Saffron Water provided by us contributes a luminous yellow-orange coloring to foods. The Saffron Water protects the eyes from the direct effects of bright light and retinal stress apart from slowing down macular degeneration and retinitis Pigments.

The saffron plant prefers to grow best in full sun and does not do well in shade. Saffron is grown from bulbs or corms as they are called which are the underground swollen stems. A single corm produces up to 10 corm lets that are used to grow new plant in the next growing season. The planting depth and spacing between corms along with the weather determine the yield of saffron. As a rule, deeper planted corms produce higher quality saffron but fewer cormlets-the corm off springs.

Saffron quality is dependent on the color, taste, aroma as well as the floral waste (the non stigma content) and ash content of saffron. Adulteration of saffron has a long history so it is best not to buy powdered saffron but to go for the one with whole strands.

Benefit & Uses: Saffron is widely used in many cuisines around the world, including India. It is used in Indian sweets and sweet dishes, to make syrups, to color food and flavor both food and beverages. Saffron is also used in the cosmetic and perfume industry. It is used to dye fabrics. In India, it is a part of religious and marriage festivities.

Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese medicine have used saffron traditionally for healing and even Western medicine uses it to treat certain health conditions. According to Ayurveda saffron balances the tridoshas and increases body heat.

Saffron can treat effectively mild to moderate depression. Both saffron stigmas and petals are effective. The antioxidants lycopene and crocheting have shown to positively benefits in heart disease. They also strengthen the circulatory system. Saffron is effective in treating premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

The active compound crocin in saffron reduces memory loss, improves learning capacity and can therefore effectively treat neurological disorders and long term memory loss and is safe for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. Saffron can reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms of morphine addiction due to its crocin and safranal content.


It improves vision and prevents age related macular degeneration. It relieves inflammations of the mouth and tongue and calms down the burning sensation. Saffron checks the cholesterol and triglyceride levels from rising. It can benefit in conditions of enlarged liver and infections of the bladder and kidneys. It increases flow of urine and benefits in cases of urine retention. Saffron can aid in reducing the consumption of salt by increasing the flavor of the food so that less of salt is needed to be added.


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