Spearmint floral water

Aroma therapists claim the therapeutic properties of Spearmint floral water are as a topical anesthetic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, decongestant, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant and restorative. It is also believed to be uplifting oil great for alleviating fatigue and depression. It has blended well with most hydrosols or floral water, but particularly well with Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender and Rosemary and many more. Spearmint has similar properties to its cousin, peppermint. It stimulates blood microcirculation to offer relief for itchy skin and skin complaints.

This floral water, with its purifying qualities, is also recommended for problem skin. What especially sets it apart is its low concentration of menthol, making it equally safe for use on the face. This herb and its essential oil has been used in almost all the oldest traditions of the world including Ayurvedic medicine, Biblical healing, Chinese medicine, Greek mythology and the European healing system.

The antique cities of historical importance like Greece, Rome and Egypt have recorded the use of Spearmint as a natural fragrance agent for the body, digestive aid for treating gastrointestinal disorders, natural remedy for sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, as a sedative for treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders, for treating bad breath and dandruff. The most popular use of Spearmint oil was that it was used in baths for its cooling and refreshing properties.

Popularly known for its culinary and traditional medicinal uses, the essential oil extracted from the leaves of Spearmint plays a vital role in Ayurvedic medicine where this herb was locally known as Putiha and PahariPutida. It has been in use for more than hundreds of years as a trusted carminative for treating digestive disorders, morning sickness in pregnant women and colic in infants.

Benefit & Uses: Coated with clean cotton, or sprayed on the body or face for toner or moisture water. Or you can add into some of the skincare bases, such as Aloe Vera gel, cream, body lotion, eye cream, facial cleanser, bath liquid, shampoo, hair conditioner and others water base products. You also can be added to or mixture of other different Hydrosol, to make your own moisturizing beauty water. Add into hot or cold water for bath, site bath or compress.

Spearmint was used in the Ayurvedic healing system for treating fever, bronchitis, pain and other digestive ailments. The European medicinal practices made use of this herb for enhancing memory power and cognitive performance. Known as ‘Yerba Buena’ in the primordial Mexican culture, Spearmint was a natural remedy for handling menstrual cramps, vomiting, flatulence and indigestion. The milder effects of this herb made its use preferable for children than the Peppermint herb.

Spearmint is an important ingredient of the herbal tea known as ‘Zahra’ according to the ancient Unani medicine. This tea is widely consumed in Syria and Damascus for its stimulating and uplifting values.

The modern Western medicine also used Spearmint essential oil as a flavoring agent in chewing gums, candies, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, teeth whiteners and certain other personal hygiene products. This herb is also used in treating common cold, nasal congestion, motion sickness, influenza, irritable bowel syndrome, colic and few other respiratory problems.

Adding few drops of Spearmint essential oil to your skin care cream or lotion will aid in treating scabies, itches, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, acne, syphilis, insect bites, wounds and skin ulcers. Diffused Spearmint oil can also be used in treating headache, spasms and as a rub in treating cold and cough. Spearmint oil has a lesser Menthol component and is considered safe for children as well. Using 2 drops of this oil in vapor therapy is said to grant considerable relief from headache, nausea, nervous conditions, flu, fever, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, congestion, cough, migraines and breathing problems.


The antiseptic, disinfectant and antispasmodic properties of this aids in quicker healing of wounds and inhibit the growth of harmful organisms that are responsible for most of the skin problems.


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