Tea Tree Floral Water

Tea Tree Floral Water is a therapeutic quality, certified organic hydrolith from Australia. A true aromatherapy hydrolith is the water that is collected when plants are steam distilled for their essential oils.

Tea Tree floral water benefits are myriad. It is one of the most useful floral water. It is best combined with Eucalyptus or Rosemary for infections. Topically Tea Tree floral water undiluted or combines it with Lavender hydrosol or floral water can be used to cleanse skin infections of all kinds react positively to Tea Tree, use clean cotton balls to wash the areas. This kind of oil is not Chinese tea oil. Chinese tea oil comes from Camellia Saneness. The tea trees mostly are grown in Australia, some in Indonesia.

This anti-bacterial, healing Organic Tea Tree Water is ideal for problem skin such as oily skin and acne. Floral waters can be used on their own as natural skin tones, or in creams, lotions and facial masks for extra nourishing skincare and fragrant skin.

Made from the steam distillation of the tea tree plant, this Tea Tree Water will help to regulate the skin's tone and its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties will help to get rid of any blemishes on the skin. It has ideal for problem teenage skin.

There are many tee tree species, but the one that produces tea tree oil is known as Melaleuca alternifolia. The leaves of the tea tree plant contain highly antiseptic volatile oils, which have a wide range of benefits.

Benefit & Uses: Just dab some Tea Tree Water on a cotton wool pad and apply to the face after cleansing to remove any excess dirt / make-up and to soothe and tone the skin. It can also be used all over the body after a shower or bath as a moisturizer and mild perfume. The smell is very stimulating for the senses.

Known for its astringent properties, natural bacteria fighting agents prevent acne before it even begins. The unique spicy, herbal scent cleanses your mind as the oil cleanses your skin.

Ideal for greasy, impure, oily and combination skin, Purifying, clarifying und balancing, Prevents acne before it even begins. Floral Waters, also called Hydrosols, are by-products of the distillation of Essential Oils. Floral Waters have a wide scope of application: as a refreshing face and body spray; for face care; for compresses; to freshen up while traveling; and for blending natural perfumes.

Antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral Tea Tree floral water is a very versatile hydrosol, and unusual disinfectant like aroma. Tea tree floral water can be used neat to clean cuts and grazes. For children it can be blended with Lavender floral water to treat little scrapes. It can also be used to help with many skin irritations, rashes and allergies.

It is extremely good as a topical antiseptic and is ideal for gargling, as well as on skin applications including cuts and grazes. It can also be added to bath water as well as facial masks instead of water.

As an antifungal, it can be used to treat ringworm (a highly contagious fungal infection that causes a rash), athlete’s foot and thrush (candida). It is particularly useful for small areas of fungal infection, such as an infected toenail, when a couple of drops can be applied neat twice a day.


Cold sore is the infection on the lips of around the mouth. The infection causes itchiness and redness. Cold sore cannot be terminated with drugs. Cold sore will reappear when a person is stressed or there is significant change in weather. Cold sore is left to heal itself but the oil from tea tree can help speeding up the healing process. The oil initiates the development of new skin cells. This property of the oil is also very helpful in treating burn injuries. However, you should be careful not to swallow any amount of the oil to prevent complicated reactions.


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